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TL;DR Baxcalibur is good, but absolutely not worth the rarity. #1 non-shadow non-mega ice attacker, narrowly surpassing Galarian Darmanitan and Mamoswine, but doesn’t mean much when Shadow Mamoswine is way better (and more common). Underwhelming as a dragon. Even though it can often use Avalanche in place of Outrage, it still falls behind regular Dragonite. Starters: Meowscarada is […]

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TL;DR Scorching Sands Excadrill narrowly outclasses Earth Power Garchomp. This moderate upgrade makes it one of the best regular non-legendary ground attackers, although it’s still well below shadows and PB Groudon. Watch out for its typing disadvantages, though. Shaymin (Sky) gains the most from Magical Leaf. It’s now only behind Kartana, above shadows and Zarude. However, it’s far behind Kartana, to […]

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